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Public Liability Insurance

Protection for your business against claims from the public

Public liability insurance covers your business in respect of legal claims made by someone for something your business has done (or not done) which resulted in personal injury, death, loss, or damage.

As a business, you could find yourself facing a claim for any number of reasons. If your work regularly brings you into contact with the public, you should consider taking out a policy. 

What does Public Liability Insurance Cover?

This insurance is designed to cover three main areas:

  • Personal injury caused to a member of the public, client, or contractor, because of something you have or have not done. If the injured person has had to take time of work, or is no longer able to work, your policy may cover their loss of earnings.
  • Damage to property which may include damage to clothing and possessions.
  • Legal fees should someone brings a claim against you, means that you will nearly always need a lawyer. Even if you admit fault straightaway, there will be legal fees involved. If the case is complex or contested, these costs can add up to a lot.

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