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Cyber & Crime Insurance

Protecting businesses from growing cyber security threats

It’s an alarming fact that almost half of UK businesses have already suffered a cyber-attack or data breach.

The cyber threat for businesses continues to grow with ransomware and supply chain attacks gaining an increasingly high profile.

According to the DCMS Cyber Security Breaches Survey published in March 2021, 39% of all UK businesses (that is 2.3m) reported a cyber breach or attack in 2020/21.

If your business is one of the lucky ones that has not yet fallen victim to an online criminal, the question you should be asking is: are we ready for the attack when it comes, not whether it will happen?

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Cyber Insurance

Cyber-crime more than ever, is the biggest threat to the success of businesses, and you need to ensure your business is protected. Of course, having a cyber insurance policy will go some way to protecting you, but doing all you can to prevent it happening is just as important.

The National Centre for Cyber Security (NCSC) has recently updated its 10 Steps to Cyber Resilience.

This guide is tailored to larger companies, with dedicated organisational cyber security structures, but the NCSC has also created a guide for smaller businesses. Whatever the size of your organisation, the 10 Steps are equally applicable.


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